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“Are you going to bring Nan to Florissant to see me?”This is really Avalanche who is passed. Maurice awaits at home.


Hello. Some of you may know that I have been in Michigan City, Indiana taking care of my little Mama who has a compression fracture of the lower lumbar vertebra. I had no idea of the problem because she had warned those who did know, “do NOT tell Cheryl about it. Nothing! She gets so nervous and worked up.” But one day I had that ‘gut’ feeling and called Sinai Temple and told Adina, the secretary, “I’m worried about my mother,” to which she said, “We are too.” I listened and booked a flight to Midway in Chicago and took two buses to Michigan City. I walked into the room where she was lying like a dried leaf. There was no water or food in her room.

Those of you who have followed me on facebook saw the amazing strides we made. The most wonderful were the little mini-videos my little mama and I did while we were reading and reviewing  the FANTASTIC book by Kim Woodard Osterholzer. Let me tell you about the book-and about Kim. First Kim. I met Kim at a writers’ conference. Well, let me tell you why I signed up for a writers’ conference. It was not about how to be a good writer because I felt and feel and believe that I am already a good writer and don’t need to get better. I didn’t sign up to meet with any agents or publishers or anything else on the list of ‘important people to meet’ because I had no idea what I would ask them. I was there for one reason only: to make new friends who were writers. The one I met was Kim.

But first I went to a little cafe at the venue which was the rocky mountains. There were meetings going on but I didn’t care about the meetings. I saw two ladies there whom I immediately adored! I called them Super and Duper and they wrote a splendid review for Never Out of His Sight on Amazon! Super-or Duper-is a teacher of students who speak English as a second language or not at all.  Those gals are fantastic and I can’t wait to see them again-somewhere.

Another random group of ladies I met were women being trained as instructors for Essentrics -Classical Stretch By Miranda Esmonde White whom I watch and with whom I practice m-f at 5:30 am. Wow!

Enough wasting time. I had to go to the meetings. That is why I was there. Kim! Kim! Kim! Kim! I don’t even remember seeing her in a meeting. I saw her in a hall and she was flying-dashing-running to meet with her whoever. Well it paid off royally because Kim was given a chunk of money even before her book was published while  I pay my publisher for every thing. Well that’s my fault. I didn’t do what it takes. Kim did what it took. You’ll have to read her book. It is called A Midwife in Amish Country: Celebrating God’s Gift of Life. I was blessed to be asked to be on her book launch team-I hope I was! At anyway I read and helped launch it. Kim is a midwife. A MIDWIFE. She has ‘caught’ over 800 babies. What I learned about love among the Amish-or maybe its all home birth families is the love-it flows and dips and flips and swims and submerges. The love among home birthing Amish or maybe everybody is transforming.

Back to Mama and Michigan City

So-there is my little mama lying like a dried leaf-like a crusty lizard-on her little bed in her den.  I had to introduce her to drinking and eating again because she had stopped both. I have to say that joy unspeakable-well, speakable because I’m speaking was seeing the difference in my mother between day one-and even day three. Day one she lay there, in pain, wincing, moaning, wanting doctors, wanting pills, wanting anything to stop the pain,  but by day three I had introduced her to Kim’s book and all she wanted to do was READ!  We read aloud all 300+ pps of Kim’s book. Then we went another step. Was I inspired or what! We did mini videos as reviews of what we learned from each chapter. We actually got a little following of people who think my mother is hilarious! And she is.

So if you want to see us go to my facebook page and look for us. My mother is so funny.

That’s about it for now. I found wifi in my brother’s office so I  took the opportunity to to write to you!

I fix up all the typos etc later.


  1. Kim Osterholzer
    February 3, 2018 at 8:52 pm

    Aw! This is sweet, Cheryl! I feel like I’ve been able to play a little part in your mother’s recovery ♥


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