The Purpose of the Prophetic Word

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The purpose of the prophetic word is to encourage, to set on course, to act as a beacon, to be a reminder that we are called, chosen, and appointed for such a time as this-whatever the time looks like. Sometimes we may be crumbled in  heaps of discouragement. Perhaps cruel words were said to us by those who have no rights to our hearts. The prophetic word, received, honored, and kept will bring us out of the depths of despair and put us right back on the path with the words: “Follow Me” blazoned in the heavenlies so that we will once again will take courage.

Here is an example. Yesterday I was blessed to attend A Morning with Abba Father at Grace Church. I was basking in the worship and as I felt myself  melt in the spiritual atmosphere I opened my notebook and began to write.


Because I have spoken you have heard.

Because you have heard you have gone.

Because you have gone the waters of rebellion parted.

Because the waters parted even the timid went across on dry ground.

Do not waste your outstretched arm.

Look at it.

Look at it now.

Who is called by your outstretched arm?

Whom does it direct? Call? Send?

No one who wants to lean and learn will be left behind.

Look at your outstretched arm.

Look at your outstretched arm.


Later in the meeting a few people went forward to give little messages. Pastor Lauren Quagliata passed by me and I asked her, “Pastor Lauren, is it permissible to give a prophetic word?” She assured me that it was and I took my notebook and delivered it to those gathered. Sometime the Lord gives us something just for ourselves to tuck away. Other times He gives us a prophetic word for the body. My little notebook held a word for the body.

I have thought of that Word and all the implications that it has for me, and perhaps for you.

  1. God speaks. We have a choice. Hear? Close our ears.
  2. We hear. We have a choice. Go? Pretend we didn’t hear and busy ourselves with folly.
  3. We go. Oh the power of going! Waters of rebellion give way! Rebellion gives way when confronted by the truth spoken by someone who spends time with the Lord and cares about us recognizing the call on our lives.
  4. Parted waters make way. They make way for the bold, and they make way for the timid. The timid cross because they’re in the midst of others who are crossing over on dry ground.
  5. The outstretched arm. Think of it. Your arm held aloft in power and might directs! It directs those who don’t know their purpose. It beckons those who don’t know they are called. Your outstretched arm reflects the power of the Lord in you as you stand, outstretched arm like a lighthouse, like a beacon.
  6. Do we feel unable to accomplish the call that God gave us a while back, so far back that we have to wonder if we really heard it. The answer is in the line “No one who wants to learn or lean will be left behind.” What an encouragement. Some of us love to learn. Some of us are timid but we can still lean on the strength of another. No matter if we are the learner or the leaner we will not be left behind.


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