Our first step must be love

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Prince of Peace Unity Christian Church is the first church I entered after the day Jesus appeared to me in my car and spoke. If you read my book you’ll remember that all the secretaries of the Baptist churches who answered that day when I called,bawling, told me I had to call back Thursday because pastor wasn’t in. Pastor O’Keefe told me I could come but I didn’t belong because I had a fundamental Christian experience. But we went. Two little girls and a step-son.

I didn’t attend long because I bought a New Testament at a garage sale that week and read it cover to cover and saw discrepancies between what it said and the Unity church.


I learned some good truths which came back to me today when I praying / thinking we are invaded on every side by something be it weather, anger, disease, fear of war, hatred.

Good advice I take even now these 38 years later.

“Don’t invite people or do for people who can repay you, who can invite you or help you. Invite and do for the one who has no ability at all to do anything for you.”
This I still do as a lifestyle.

Advice I used for a short time:
“When you’re talking to someone and have the least negative feeling toward him or her say in your mind over and over and over ,”I love you.” That’s amazing in how it affects feelings and facial expression.”

That I need to start that again NOW!

My thinking took this turn today when I started to pray for our city. Where is the love? Where is my love? How can we, how can I expect God to do anything when I’m not doing my simple part which is to love one another.

So what if we did this today? What if we challenge God to put someone in front of us whom it is hard for us to love and take the I love you challenge on the inside of us and see what happens. One person. Today.


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