Jesus, A Man of Sorrows

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I didn’t think of Jesus being a man of sorrows and grief. In sketches in more modern Bibles we see Jesus smiling and lifting babies, chuckling at parties. But there is no denying it. The Word of God says that Jesus is a man of Sorrows.

Isaiah 53:3 Jesus was a man of sorrows.

Jesus identifies with us in our sorrows.  Exodus 3:7  The Lord saw the oppression of His people. He could have stopped it, couldn’t he have? But He didn’t. Instead He knew their sorrows.

Jesus could wipe away every bad thing happening to us. But instead He enters into our sorrows. He enters into our pain. He identifies with our sorrows. He identifies with our pain.

I am a woman with a vision for Women of Sorrows. I see their pain. I enter into their pain. I was just talking to a woman whose husband causes her no end of heartbreak because of his behavior. All of the woman’s excellent character, upstanding moral behavior, love for the Lord has not changed her husband.

Jesus did not change her circumstances. Jesus entered into her sorrows.

Jesus is a man of sorrows. He still is a man of sorrows. He still enters into our sorrow.



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