I love being an author! My mom loves it too!

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Is There anyone who does not know that I am an author and that I have written my second book and published my second book Never out of His Sight?

Well here’s my newest book story. I just got back from Colorado. I promised four women whom I met that would send them each a copy of my book. Two I met on the plane, and two I met at a luncheon. Two days after I got back from Colorado Was in Michigan city Indiana and told my mother that I needed to go to the post office and mail four books.

She is very very excited about the success that she sees in my writing because so many people buy it and love my book. So I went into the Michigan city post office to the available postal worker and I said “I have four packages to send media mail. Each one is a book.”

Then I said, “I wrote the book so I’m excited about it. “

She became very animated and said “You wrote a book? What kind of book is it?”

I told her the name. She said “what can you tell me a little bit about it-like what does that name actually mean. “

I’m a little hesitant always to talk about the spirituality of the book with people that I don’t know are people of faith. I don’t want to turn them off or make them roll their eyes or anything else that would make me feel like a total dork.

I said, “it’s about knowing that God sees us-no matter what we’re doing, no matter how horrified we are by our own behavior-our God is a loving wonderful God and he wants nothing more than to wrap us in his arms and love us because we really are never out of his sight. He wants us to each know His love first had.”

“I love it! Can I buy one? I want two-one for my mom and one for my grandma. They would love it.”

Of course.

I went to the car and told my mother that this lady at the post office would like to buy two books. She was really excited for me. So we went home and I got two books and I picked up two prayer cloths that I carry with me to give each of the women as a gift.

I took them back to the post office to the young woman who said, “I don’t have the money right now. I would need to tell them about these first. “

So I offered to let them take them to her mother and grandma but she said “no no no I want to buy them but I want to buy them when I have money.”

So I told her “well here are two prayer cloths for your mom and grandma. I was going to give them for the them as gifts when they got their books so just give them the cloths now.”

The young lady was ecstatic. “prayer cloths!” I told her the story about the prayer cloths and the little girl-how prayer was so important to this couple and how they created this prayer cloth for people like us to be able to just have something to hang onto-it really is beautiful-prayer and powerful scripture.

So my mom and I had been in the post office and I had been talking to the young lady and so we had gone home and I said to my mom “how about you be my distributor. I’ll leave some books with you and when people want books in Michigan city They can buy them from you and you’ll get the profit?”

So there are two books in my mom’s den on a table underneath her phone waiting for the young lady from the post office to call her or for the next person from Michigan city who would like my book. I love my book!

Fun! Love it! Who wants to buy a book from my mom?


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