Evicting the Tormenters

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Something I have loved doing since I have understood how to communicate with God the Father and Jesus through the leading and guiding of the Holy Spirit is to PRAY. I have developed prayers for various struggles that men and women face who are truly trying to live lives pleasing to the Father. One that has been really helpful to me in my walk with the Lord is what I will call

Prayer for Freedom from the Tormenter

We know we are tormented when we find ourselves being drawn to do something we don’t want to do-something that makes us ashamed or hopeless or wonder if we really are born again. For those of us who have clung to Jesus, made Him our Savior, turned our lives over to Him, longed for more and more knowledge of God the Father yet struggle with that one sinful thought or temptation, we are being tormented. We can be free from the tormenter. This comes with the guidance and direction of Holy Spirit.

Here is my strategy that I have used and continue to use as I see the need. We recently had a meeting where we identified tormentors in our lives. Here is my strategy that I use for myself and others.

  1. Know the Word of God What does the Word say about that behavior or temptation? What does Father want for us instead of that lure?
  2. Check Your Heart Do we really want to live lives pure for God? Do we really want to be transformed into the image of Christ? Do we really want to be examples of godliness? Is pleasing God our first desire, does it color every decision we make?
  • Isolate the tormenter and command him or them to go We won’t know at first what it is. It’s often a combination of forces or spirits. But you will know this: what do we do that we hate doing? What can’t we stop? What have we tried and tried and tried to change and can’t?
  1. Praise the Lord and identify with Him and invite the sweet spiritual gifts and thoughts

Let’s Start

Hypothetical scene. Let’s say we are never satisfied, that we want what others have. We want their houses, their husbands, their clothes, their personalities and we are disgusted and unhappy with our own lot in life.  Let’s pray.

  1. What does the Word of God say? We need to dig out those Bibles or call a trusted Christian friend, strong in the Lord.


Pray the truth to God. Father I know from  Your Word Paul was treated so badly, he faced such horrible circumstances yet he learned the secret of being content in every situation so I know that I can, too. (2 cor 11:23-25, Phil 4:12-13)  Lord, Your Word says that I am to be free from the love of money and to be content with what I have because you said you would never leave nor forsake me. (Hebrews 13:5) Your Word says that godliness with contentment is great gain. (1 Ti 6:6-7) You warned us to be on guard for every kind of greed because my life doesn’t consist of an abundance of possessions. (Luke 12:15) Lord, I know that if delight in You, You will give me the desires of my heart. (Psalm 37:3-4)


  1. Oh Lord, show me my heart! How did I get into this horrible habit of looking at what others have? Oh God! I want nothing more than to serve You! Nothing more than to love You. Oh God I come before You. I lay my head on Your lap. I grab holds of the folds of your garment and weep I repentance of not being satisfied. Help me Lord for being known for my gratitude, my sweet spirit, my disregard for riches that are not mine. Lord please purge my heart of all that defiles me.


  • Lord I am Yours. I am created in Your image. You three are all one yet all separate beings. Father, Jesus, and Holy Spirit you three are not jealous of each other. You are one. I am created in Your image. I am one with the body of Christ. I rejoice when they are blessed because we are one-just like my husband and I are one. When he is blessed, when he gets a promotion I rejoice because we are one. When I am complimented by someone who loves my books my husband rejoices with me because we are one. I am one with the body of Christ. When one is singled out for an award or a higher position or big audiences or fine house it is because You have chosen to bless that member of the body of Christ of which I am part. So I rejoice with her instead of wanting what is hers. Your last prayer to the Father before You went to heaven was that we, every member of the body of Christ, Your body, “that they all may be one in Us, that the world may believe that You sent Me. And the glory which You gave Me I have given them, that they may be one just as We are one:  I in You and You in Me that they may be perfect in one and that the world may know that You have sent Me and have loved them as you loved Me. “(John 17:21-23) NKJV Oh Lord, you want nothing more than for all of us, your children, the ones for whom You died, to celebrate, not claw at each other. To rejoice when one rejoices. To cry when one cries. Forgive me father for wanting what someone else has and not being content with what I have. Forgive me for breaking the 10th commandment. I have been longing for what doesn’t belong to me and I am so sorry and ashamed.


Now (isolating the tormenter and evicting him or them)

*You spirit that makes me hate what’s in my closet, resent that I can’t get a trainer, be jealous of believers that draw huge crowds in big arenas, am stuck with my little house when they get to have summer homes and vacations  paying for all their children and grandchildren.

*You spirit that draws my mind to writers that publish 20 books a year while I struggle with one over a five year period

*You spirit that never sleeps and is always tormenting me thinking of what I don’t have and what they do have

I command you in the name of Jesus to leave my body, my home, my family, my neighborhood, my city and not return. I am up to your tricks and no more will I listen to your taunts. Go! In the name of Jesus.


IV Thank you Father, Son, Holy Spirit for helping me to see that I have been tormented but no more! I am filled with all that is good and pure because my first desire to live a life pleasing to you.


Oh Lord, I praise and Love You! Thank You so much for showing me the contents of my heart and how I allowed those tormenters to think they had access to me. Thank You for showing me how important unity is to you-that when You bless one of us in the body of Christ we all should rejoice! Of Father, it has been so time consuming always looking at what others have, always thinking I’m not enough because they are more. Oh God! Oh Father! Oh Jesus. Now, Holy Spirit, sweet guide, gentle teacher, I believe according to Ephesians 5:18 that I can be led by your because I am filled with You. And Lord I can be refilled and refilled and refilled and refreshed and refreshed and refreshed over and over and over again. Holy Spirit! Drench me I praise with Your glory and Your wonder and Your knowledge of the Father that You are willing to show me. Holy Spirit I have evicted tormenters and now, Holy Spirit, I ask  whom should I welcome to come abide in me so that according to Luke 25 there will be no empty space left by the tormentors for others to come inhabit. I ask that You send joy, contentment, peace, love, gratitude.



  1. Patty Rootz
    May 17, 2017 at 10:49 pm

    Remember not to hold unforgiveness in the heart. Unforgiveness sometimes stops the answers to prayer.(Matthew 6:15) Also people may get sick when they take communion in an unworthy manner
    (1 Corinthians 11:29)


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