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Are You Clean?

i Feb 20th No Comments by

  I can save you to the uttermost. What makes you think I can not do it for someone else? How long do you think YOU have to lie in the mud on your face to be forgiven? Why should someone else’s time of penance be longer? Release and shake the rocks out of your […]

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Visiting my little Mama in Michigan City

i Feb 3rd No Comments by

“Are you going to bring Nan to Florissant to see me?”This is really Avalanche who is passed. Maurice awaits at home.   Hello. Some of you may know that I have been in Michigan City, Indiana taking care of my little Mama who has a compression fracture of the lower lumbar vertebra. I had no […]

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Jesus, A Man of Sorrows

i Dec 18th No Comments by

  I didn’t think of Jesus being a man of sorrows and grief. In sketches in more modern Bibles we see Jesus smiling and lifting babies, chuckling at parties. But there is no denying it. The Word of God says that Jesus is a man of Sorrows. Isaiah 53:3 Jesus was a man of sorrows. […]

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My Delightful Day as a Substitute Teacher

i Dec 1st No Comments by

My Delightful Day as a Substitute Teacher I got the call the night before when I was in the middle of a women’s Bible Study. “Can you substitute teach tomorrow and arrive at school at 7:00 am?” “Sure,” I said, looking at the ladies gathered around and the piles of food, yet uneaten on my […]

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What do we do in silence?

i Nov 15th No Comments by

Are you ever silent? Is there ever a time where you hear nothing? Nothing at all? Right now I hear the scream and squeal of klezmer music on my pandora. Let me turn it off and see what happens.  Ah. My body relaxes. I realize I am hungry. I’m aware of my cat on my […]

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Encourage the Encouragers!

i Nov 13th No Comments by

    Encourage! To add courage to the hearts of those who are not able to stir up courage. How many of us know a believer who was strong in the Lord but when circumstances seemed to strangle him he threw in the towel, fast. We are shocked. Why? We had never before seen him […]

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The Back of the Tapestry

i Oct 10th No Comments by

The Back of the Tapestry She was going on and on without taking a breath. I was standing here, back against the wall listening to her talk on and on about her son’s scholarship, her husband’s advancement, their new home. After discretely looking at my watch a few times I start to unglue my mouth […]

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Our first step must be love

i Sep 20th No Comments by

    Prince of Peace Unity Christian Church is the first church I entered after the day Jesus appeared to me in my car and spoke. If you read my book you’ll remember that all the secretaries of the Baptist churches who answered that day when I called,bawling, told me I had to call back […]

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The Memories as I Write My Book

i Sep 15th No Comments by

Oh the memories as I write my book. It is  slow going because I am extracting details from the pages of notebooks smashed into seven large bamboo drawers in my prayer room. The details today are of China. Those were the days before China was ‘new’. When I went on my first ministry trip our […]

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Kim Wickes! What! My little blind friend from Indiana University?

i Sep 8th No Comments by

  It was 1967 and I was a student at Indiana University where I was studying English and living off campus in an apartment. No one I knew in those days had a vehicle, so walked to classes through that huge campus of 40,000 students in all kinds of weather. Since we had no phone […]

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