5 Minute Bible Studies

What do we do in silence?

i Nov 15th No Comments by

Are you ever silent? Is there ever a time where you hear nothing? Nothing at all? Right now I hear the scream and squeal of klezmer music on my pandora. Let me turn it off and see what happens.  Ah. My body relaxes. I realize I am hungry. I’m aware of my cat on my […]

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Psalm 101:1-2, A Women With a Vision Bible Study

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  READ PSALM 101 VERSES 1 AND 2 IN YOUR BIBLE VOCABULARY (It helps me to take a good look at the words that are significant and to look them up in the original language.) SING: to celebrate in song, to praise. The Hebrew word pronounced sheer. MERCY: love, benevolence, kindness, piety, loyalty, unfailing love, The […]

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Psalm 100

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Psalm 100 A five minute Bible Study I love to take apart the Word and find secrets or clues for how to live pleasing to the Lord. This one is pretty obvious: First I look for the interjections. What are we told to do? What are the direction verbs—as in do this: Make noise Serve […]

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A Changed Life

i Nov 21st 1 Comment by

I LOVE TO THINK when I read the Word. I think and consider how it applies to my life. Every now and then I get a revelation–which to me means, a new way to look at the Word. I thought I’d take you on my journey from yesterday and give you thoughts to consider. Background: […]

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Poverbs 31:13 She seeketh wool, and flax, and worketh willingly with her hands.

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Ladies! Let’s see your handicrafts! There is something about us that loves to create! Some of us design cakes and pies. Others strip and replace wall paper. Perhaps we  take up the embroidery hoop. She never sat  in the evening without her skeins of yarn. She held the knitting needles, one in each hand. Instead […]

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“I forgot to pray!”

i Nov 20th No Comments by

  Here I am sitting at my computer in a dither because I don’t know how to use my website! I don’t know how to add content, add photos or add events. I have been aggravating my web creator who is, after all, artistic–not a teacher of someone 66 years old who needs step by […]

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In His Presence

i Nov 17th 5 Comments by

5 Minute Bible Study In Your Presence! Everything we could ever need or want can be found  in the presence of the Lord! How do we know we are in God’s presence? In Genesis 28:16 Jacob awoke from a nap and said, ‘I didn’t even know God was in this place!” But He was. He […]

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Planted By The Streams

i Nov 13th 1 Comment by

She is like a tree planted by the streams of water that yields its fruit in season, and its leaf does not wither, in all that she does he prospers. What do you have to do today dear one?  Just look at today’s Word! You are like one planted by the streams of water! What […]

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Bible Study for the Busy Woman

i Nov 11th No Comments by

I love writing Bible Studies and have done it for years! I love to study, so I always assume others do, too. For twelve years I was blessed to be a stay-at-home mom and that is where I got the bulk of the delicious Word that has become so much part of me. But not […]

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