Bible Studies

What do we do in silence?

i Nov 15th No Comments by

Are you ever silent? Is there ever a time where you hear nothing? Nothing at all? Right now I hear the scream and squeal of klezmer music on my pandora. Let me turn it off and see what happens.  Ah. My body relaxes. I realize I am hungry. I’m aware of my cat on my […]

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Evicting the Tormenters

i May 13th 1 Comment by

EVICTING THE TORMENTERS Something I have loved doing since I have understood how to communicate with God the Father and Jesus through the leading and guiding of the Holy Spirit is to PRAY. I have developed prayers for various struggles that men and women face who are truly trying to live lives pleasing to the […]

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Do you ‘think’ while you read the Bible?

i Apr 6th 2 Comments by

As have many of you, I have read the Word of God several times. Maybe your pastor gave you a ‘read through the Bible in a year’ calendar like ours did? It was huge! 28 inches across. I still have the nail holes in the bathroom door from where it stood in 1081. Then there […]

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Have you Wandered Away? The Lord wants to find you! You Can’t Hide!

i Nov 4th No Comments by

I love digging in God’s Word for myself. I don’t like reading other people’s findings. I like to find my own. I’m beginning to read Psalm 107 because in the beginning of December I want to start teaching it to ladies in my living room. In order to teach it, I need to dig it […]

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Judges 13: a study on God, evil, and deliverance

i Jul 28th No Comments by

Judges 13 Then B’nei Yisrael again did what was evil in God’s sight.* Judges 13 slaps us in the face with ‘Then the sons of Israel again did what was evil in God’s sight.” Do you have children? Did it matter more to you if your child stole from the corner store than it did […]

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Knowing God’s Ways, A woman with a Vision study

i Aug 25th No Comments by

Psalm 103:6-8 A Study for Women with a Vision around the world Notes to the teacher/presenter are highlighted Call a couple of women you would like to get to know better, ask them to bring their Bibles and come over for tea or coffee and to get into the Word of God. On the day […]

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Psalm 103:1-5

i Jun 14th No Comments by

A Women with a Vision Bible Study Call a couple of ladies, put on a pot of coffee or tea and study together. Tell us about it! We will be so excited to hear about our Women with a Vision group meeting in your home!   Psalm 103:1-4 1 Bless the Lord, my soul;     all my […]

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Let’s Study Together

i May 16th No Comments by

Let’s Study Together The Bible is alive to me! How about you? One way I enjoy the Bible is that I enter into it. I think, ‘How does this compare to what I’m doing-what I’m going through? ‘Let’s try this with Psalm 102. Do you have a Bible? Get it out and open it or […]

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Listen In on our Thursday Evening Fellowship

i May 14th No Comments by

I love to let you in on our Thursday evening fellowships from time to time so you can feel as if you were there, and can put your input. In fact if you like we can Skype. My Skype address is cherylscute. I explained that before. Whenever I walk into a high school where the […]

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Psalm 101:1-2, A Women With a Vision Bible Study

i Mar 18th No Comments by

  READ PSALM 101 VERSES 1 AND 2 IN YOUR BIBLE VOCABULARY (It helps me to take a good look at the words that are significant and to look them up in the original language.) SING: to celebrate in song, to praise. The Hebrew word pronounced sheer. MERCY: love, benevolence, kindness, piety, loyalty, unfailing love, The […]

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