I would thank God for bringing Cheryl to China. We firmly believe no matter what difficulties ahead, the Gospel will continue to advance from China to western Asia, through Afghanistan, Iran and back to Jerusalem, as the Bible says “through the end of the earth”; then our Lord Jesus will come back again.     – Joel


Through her testimony and teaching of the word, this little woman killed the goliath of intimidation and low self esteem from the lives of those many women who attended the convention. Iron sharpens iron. That first visit to Kenya strengthened our ministry partnership. Since then she and her ministry have been faithful and constant financial and prayer supporters of Hope for Kitale Orphanage. May the Lord raise more Cheryls …People who will stop at nothing when it comes to preaching the Gospel of Love.     – Theresa Thiongo


“My husband, Tom, and I met Cheryl when she came to visit us in Cyprus, our ministry base as we worked in the Middle East amongst Jewish and Arab Believers. Cheryl has a precious gift of simplicity in a world that is very complicated. Her joy and enthusiasm about life and ministry is contagious. She is a powerful mobilizer and networker with great compassion!     – Teresa Craig


Cheryl has ministered to the Auchenblae Christian Fellowship in Scotland at least four times in the past ten years and we are longing for her to return and feed us again with good food! We found her challenging, prophetic, encouraging, spot on with the Word, energetic and great fun! We thank God for the precious gifts He has given her, and for her heart of love grace, wisdom and generosity.     – Charles Gordon


Sister Cheryl has been a true blessing for the woman of Jaw Jaw and Abenaston. Most woman in the interior have been unable to finish school and are quite illiterate. That’s why it is so important that teachers like Cheryl personally come to share the hope and the good news of the gospel. Many people are very afraid of evil spirits; they pay voodoo doctors they call ‘bonumans’ money every month just because of their fear for evil spirits. The gospel of Jesus is surely good news for those who are tormented by fears.     – Gloria Lie Kwie Sjoe


Cheryl Skid is a long time friend, a rare jewel and a pistol for the Lord! As a true Jew she brings “MP”: messianic perspective and marvelous power to her rich teachings of God’s Word. Cheryl is an anointed minister of the gospel full of joy, wit and prophetic insight. She visited us eight times in Guatemala.  Her numerous visits to Guatemala have produced much fruit, more hunger for the Word of God and a greater move of His Spirit.     – Suzanne Babarczy