About Cheryl

The Bio


Cheryl Samelson Skid was born into a Jewish family and lived in Israel for a year as part of a program called Sherut La’am between her sophomore and junior years of college. During that time she was given an opportunity to evacuate as Israel was mobilizing for war. She stayed during the Six Day War because to her ‘To Die for Israel was to Die for God’. Christianity never interested her and she rejected several attempts at evangelism. But in 1978 as she was on her way home to report a teacher in a public school who was openly speaking about Jesus, He, Himself, in His Glory came and sat down in the passenger seat of her car and said, “I am Who they say I am. I am the Son of God.”  With tears of repentance and a new found Savior Cheryl began devouring God’s Word and has taken it to many nations as a result of a promise He gave her in 1981. “I will teach you My Word and you will take people through tours of My Word all over the world.”

Cheryl graduated from Indiana University with a Bachelor’s degree in English with teaching certification in English and French. She taught those classes until she and her husband had their first child.  She stayed home with three children twelve years during which time she soaked in God’s Word and learned to minister to women. After the third child was in school Cheryl went on to receive a master’s degree from the University of Missouri in Special Education and taught youth with disabilities  for 20 years.  She is licensed as a minister through Christian International Apostolic Network.  She is married 40 years with grown children and a flock of grandchildren.

In 1985 Cheryl founded a non-for-profit organization called Women with a Vision which gives strength and hope to women around the world. Her first book Taking God’s Word to Heart was published in 2011 and she is working on her second.