Women With A Vision

The Women


Women with a Vision started with two women praying on the phone at 6:00 every morning for their children who were in kindergarten.  Today women are gathering in living rooms or churches or restaurants or online with one common desire: to connect with women who have hearts for God, who have been proven in trials, and who have the patience to listen. We are here for women everywhere. Between all of us, we have ‘been there’ whether it has been a difficult childhood, a challenging marriage, or parenting crises. We have buried children, seen dreams die, and been lonely. But we have gathered our courage and have asked for help. “How did you get through it!” “How do I know I’m doing the right thing?” “Where is there hope in this situation?”

The Vision


Women with a Vision helps women lift their eyes so that they can see the vision, the goal, the destiny that God has for them. We really do believe that we are created in the image of God, and that no woman is outside the care of love of the Father.  Because we  believe that we are created in God’s image, and He loves women and has called them into the wonderful work of reconciling the world to Himself, we must step up to the challenge!  Join us! Let us help you drop the pain and pick up the promise! Make use of our Bible Studies, Blogs, and our Facebook Women with a Vision group page  as we connect to help you love yourself the way God loves you and to gather courage to go the rest of the way.

How To Start A Group In Your Community


You can serve your own community as we are serving ours here in St. Louis by starting a Women with a Vision group. We can stay connected through the website and facebook and even travel to visit each other if possible. Here are some objectives and ideas that work for us in the form of a manual.

Manual For Women with a Vision

These are the objectives of Women with a Vision:

  1. Women with a Vision will teach women to be women at home.
  2. Women with a Vision will teach women to study the Word for themselves.
  3. Women with a Vision will teach women to hear from the Lord.
  4. Women with a Vision will teach women to have a heart and hand toward their community.
  5. Teach Women to be Women at Home.

Take a look at the home lives of the women in your group. What is lacking? List those things, then find women in your community who can address them. Perhaps it’s child rearing, money management, food preparation, home organization. Each time you gather have a different area addressed by the guest.

Teach women to study the Word for themselves.

Women with a Vision has a series of Psalm Studies which you may down load, print out and teach each time you gather. The studies provide opportunities to explore the Word of God and apply the principles to their lives. Download from Women with Vision Bible Study Archives.

Teach Women to Hear from the Lord

During each meeting during which the Word has been studied, have a time of prayer then a quiet time of 15 minutes. The first 10 minutes have the women just sit in quiet and write down what comes into their hearts. The last 5 minutes share. As they become closer to the Lord and more attuned to His Word they’ll find that His Words in their heart becomes part of who they are and they will be strengthened knowing they can hear His voice.

Teach women to have heart and hand toward community

Encourage women to keep their ears open as to needs in the community. Bring the needs to the gatherings and discuss how the group can help. Always invite the woman who is in crisis to the Women with a Vision gathering so she can gain emotional support and comfort as well as be built up in   the Word.

Women with a Vision base in St. Louis has a fund we call Project Overflow to meet local needs of women in crisis. We suggest that you have your own collection for women that are in crisis in your communities. Encourage women who come to give. Share scriptures on giving and generosity. We have seen women SO BLESSED as they GIVE their way out of poverty, depression, and despair.