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The Purpose of the Prophetic Word

i Feb 25th No Comments by

The purpose of the prophetic word is to encourage, to set on course, to act as a beacon, to be a reminder that we are called, chosen, and appointed for such a time as this-whatever the time looks like. Sometimes we may be crumbled in  heaps of discouragement. Perhaps cruel words were said to us […]

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Pray about Sharpened Vision for Women with a Vision

i Feb 23rd 2 Comments by

  We started Women with a Vision when those of us who held hands and prayed were young moms with small children. Now I, the founder, am fixing up my house to bring in my 90 year old mother. If you read my third book (not published because I’m not satisfied with it yet) you’ll […]

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Are You Clean?

i Feb 20th No Comments by

  I can save you to the uttermost. What makes you think I can not do it for someone else? How long do you think YOU have to lie in the mud on your face to be forgiven? Why should someone else’s time of penance be longer? Release and shake the rocks out of your […]

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Visiting my little Mama in Michigan City

i Feb 3rd 1 Comment by

“Are you going to bring Nan to Florissant to see me?”This is really Avalanche who is passed. Maurice awaits at home.   Hello. Some of you may know that I have been in Michigan City, Indiana taking care of my little Mama who has a compression fracture of the lower lumbar vertebra. I had no […]

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