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Our first step must be love

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    Prince of Peace Unity Christian Church is the first church I entered after the day Jesus appeared to me in my car and spoke. If you read my book you’ll remember that all the secretaries of the Baptist churches who answered that day when I called,bawling, told me I had to call back […]

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The Memories as I Write My Book

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Oh the memories as I write my book. It is  slow going because I am extracting details from the pages of notebooks smashed into seven large bamboo drawers in my prayer room. The details today are of China. Those were the days before China was ‘new’. When I went on my first ministry trip our […]

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Kim Wickes! What! My little blind friend from Indiana University?

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  It was 1967 and I was a student at Indiana University where I was studying English and living off campus in an apartment. No one I knew in those days had a vehicle, so walked to classes through that huge campus of 40,000 students in all kinds of weather. Since we had no phone […]

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