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Let’s Study Together

i May 16th No Comments by

Let’s Study Together The Bible is alive to me! How about you? One way I enjoy the Bible is that I enter into it. I think, ‘How does this compare to what I’m doing-what I’m going through? ‘Let’s try this with Psalm 102. Do you have a Bible? Get it out and open it or […]

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Listen In on our Thursday Evening Fellowship

i May 14th No Comments by

I love to let you in on our Thursday evening fellowships from time to time so you can feel as if you were there, and can put your input. In fact if you like we can Skype. My Skype address is cherylscute. I explained that before. Whenever I walk into a high school where the […]

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We Love Guest Speakers

i May 13th No Comments by

  One thing we love is to have guest speakers to inspire us. One of our favorites is Alexey Shepelev from Moscow. Alexey ministers in Moscow, Belarus and the Ukraine sharing the love of Yeshua and bringing tangible love from the body of believers in much needed food items. People are starving! We are so […]

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Allow Me to Introduce the Ketchums

i May 11th No Comments by

I want to introduce you to the Ketchums. Pastor Daniel and Carol were pastors at Trinity Church of the Nazarene when I walked in six months after Jesus sat in the passenger seat of my car and turned my life upside down, inside out seeming to take  all the atoms in my body and scatterig […]

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i May 8th No Comments by

It didn’t take long for the power behind the course Cry of the Hidden Heart to grab me. It was week 2. The concept of Help. I’d read it so many times in so many translations: Genesis 2:18. But bringing it close to home-  Let me just jump right in. Help my husband do what? […]

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Back Yard

i May 4th No Comments by

I can’t even remember one time that I sat in our back yard except for when the children were little. I always sat in the front, on the front porch. It was nice to see neighbors walk by, and I knew all the area dogs and their owners. But now we have a back yard […]

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5th Day Off Facebook

i May 3rd No Comments by

So many wonderful things to report! Our Rosanna who had gone in to the doctor with stage 3 cancer is now–blood and scan CANCER FREE! She has chosen to go the traditional medical route with surgery and chemo and am I ever GRATEFUL for the tenacity of medical professionals who saved our Rosanna’s life. Of […]

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2nd 3rd 4th Days Off Facebook

i May 2nd 3 Comments by

2nd Day Tuesday was the last class for Cry of the Hidden Heart and we celebrated by going afterwards to Miss Amy B’s for a delightful luncheon in St. Charles.  The 13 week class molded us into an intimate sisterhood–so much so that most of the ladies want to sign up the next class in […]

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