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My First Day Off Facebook

i Apr 30th No Comments by

  This is my first day off Facebook in a while. I needed to get off because I have to pay great and strict attention to my manuscript of my 2nd and soon to be published Never Out of His Sight.  But of course I want to stay in touch with you, so what you […]

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Who Am I?

i Apr 19th No Comments by

  Jesus is the ultimate host. He loves people. He opens His home which has no doors or windows. He goes into all the world and makes disciples—through those He has tapped for such a purpose. None of us is exempt from His tap. But few answer it. Few recognize it. Fortunate is the one […]

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Some Words from the Lord to Bless Your Hearts (from My notebooks)

i Apr 3rd No Comments by

  “Speak to My heart.  Not to My hands, My feet, My head. You are all I see. That is the key. Fixing your eyes on Me because it locks My eyes into yours. It starts and ends with you looking at Me. My heart is toward you. That is the key. To know that […]

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