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Choose Your Snacking Buddies Carefully

i Nov 25th No Comments by

  I have a friend for whom giving fattening snacks is her way of loving.  When I was really working a program I would say, “‘Thank you but no!” and hand her back her cinnamon roll she had bought me. Another friend LOVES buffets. In those ‘working the program days’ I would say , “I prefer […]

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TIPS! The Scale

i Nov 24th 3 Comments by

  A group for  those of us struggling to get back on track with weight.  Helps us notice, choose healthy foods, and shed pounds in a friendly group of kindred spirits. TIPS! SO FAR   1. Make a list of things you can’t do while eating. Keep it handy for when you want to reach for […]

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i Nov 23rd 2 Comments by

  I had been teaching on the power of generosity. What is it about generosity that it propels us forward as nothing else does? Halloween night I was in a rush. I had to get some pages printed for my class on the following Saturday, and that evening I had a group coming over for prayer. […]

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A Changed Life

i Nov 21st 1 Comment by

I LOVE TO THINK when I read the Word. I think and consider how it applies to my life. Every now and then I get a revelation–which to me means, a new way to look at the Word. I thought I’d take you on my journey from yesterday and give you thoughts to consider. Background: […]

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i Nov 16th No Comments by

  The Power of Generosity Prepared by Cheryl Skid for Daughters of Sarah Presentation November 16, 2013 Characteristics of Generous People Give back to the community Have high energy Are leaders Trust that they CAN make the world better What is wrong with how the church talks about money? Often linked to building programs Sometimes […]

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The Next Level

i Nov 9th No Comments by

A  woman in my novel  has been back in the work five years after staying home with her children over a decade, and she’s loving it. She loves getting dressed every day, heading of the house and down the highway with others who are part of the wheels of what makes America work. But something happens when she heads into […]

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What God Speaks About His Place on the Path

i Nov 7th No Comments by

  In 1992 I was sitting with my Bible and notebook and listening to what the Lord said into my heart and how it reflected His written Word.  Which thoughts speak to your own heart? ‘God is God of our finances. He loves us. We are the apple of His eye.’ ‘We act, rather than react […]

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What Do Jewish People Believe November 9, 2013 class

i Nov 6th 1 Comment by

 What Do Jewish People Believe A Course for people who are interested in understand Judaism and Jewish Thought November 9, 2013 Creators of the class and Facilitators: Neil and Cheryl Skid A HISTORY OF JUDAISM UP TO THE HOLOCAUST What set Jews apart from the beginning A belief in one God Loving and should be […]

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The Path

i Nov 5th No Comments by

The world  is changing at a furious pace.  The Word is specific in that we will recognize the seasons. Time  goes faster;  evil gets more evil and grace looks more gracious We   who know the Lord and Love His Word must be TRUE to His Word. B Don’t have people look at you and then need […]

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Making the Most of Bible Reading

i Nov 1st No Comments by

  I just wanted to show you how rich Bible reading can be. Not a chore to check off.  Not a desire to get on God’s good side. Rather, it is strength and peace and delicious food. I picked up a journal  from 2004 and pulled out a page of my notes. Just let these notes […]

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