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Trust and Treat

i Oct 31st No Comments by

Instead of TRICK or treat our Halloween was Trust and Treat. They came to the door by ones or twos or families. “May I pray for you before I put the candy in your bag?” Each said yes and some were grateful and openly touched to receive much needed prayer. We prayed for Destiny, Purpose, […]

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Just some thoughts for you!

i Oct 30th 4 Comments by

Last night I could not sleep. As I lay there, sleepless, I thought, “How can I turn this sleepless time into moments of eternal value?” I came up with a brilliant plan. 1.  I went through the alphabet and as I named each person whose first or last name began with, for instance, A, B, […]

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Do You Want MORE?

i Oct 19th No Comments by

  A. We started by each telling one thing that we knew about Jesus. The sweetness in the atmosphere of the room grew with each part of His life that came out of the mouth of one of the women. 1. I know that His first miracle was turning water into wine. His mother had […]

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i Oct 17th 3 Comments by

I picked up an old journal this morning, something I do as part of my daily devotions   The one I picked up today had large letters across the top: WHAT IF OUR WHOLE FAMILY STARTED TO ASK GOD FOR MORE? GOD WANTS TO DO IT FOR US. Let your imagination go wild. What if everyone in your […]

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Deactivated Facebook

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For a while I deactivated FB. Please communicate with me on my website or on email

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My Jewish Upbringing, by Shira

i Oct 15th No Comments by

  (as told to Cheryl Skid) I loved the feel of the old synagogue on Skinker. I didn’t recognize it as ‘light’, but that is what I felt. LIGHT. Rosh Hashanna and Yom Kippur were the two days that my family was always in Temple. As Reform Jews we didn’t spend lots of time in […]

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From Last Evening’s Intimacy with God meeting in my home

i Oct 11th No Comments by

I just love giving you a taste of what the Lord does in our gatherings. The very first thing we did is pray for little Nathan Juhlin and his Mama Sara. He is five and having trouble settling into the routine of kindergarten. We prayed for his and mama’s peace and angelic protection, and then […]

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What I Learned Today in Class

i Oct 8th No Comments by

I am taking the course Cry of the Hidden Heart for the second time in preparation for leading the class at my church in the spring.  To tell you the truth, I needed a second go-round because I had some ingrained behaviors that made it impossible for Neil to easily love me the way he wanted to. […]

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Change of Perspective

i Oct 7th No Comments by

Ten years ago I would get up for work and three days out of five I couldn’t leave because my son’s car was blocking me. “Nate! Get up here! How many times have I told you NOT to park behind me? I have to go to work.” Grumbles, Shuffles, Bleary eyes. Up he comes, grabbing […]

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Fall Study What Jewish People Believe October 12 Grace Church Room B215

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    Take a look at the attachment. fall 2013 Jewish study I welcome your comments and discussions because I love studying together. This is a class I have created to help Gentiles understand how Jewish people think. Of course there is a vast disparity between the now 10 recognized branches of Judaism. But I […]

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