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Will You Partner with Me?

i Jul 30th No Comments by

I would so love your partnership with me! We have monthly expenses such as Christian International membership, postage, stationary, website. By far the biggest expense is travel! I’ve been blessed to travel to five continents. My passion is to go where there is the greatest need. Whether comfort to women and children in the United […]

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The Force of Peace

i Jul 14th 1 Comment by

Sit before Me, one with another. Your love is sweet and your sincerity is evident. See how children quiet as My peace is poured out? My peace stills the noise of the soul. Sit in peace often. Let your soul release ravages that tear at it. Release. Let go. Time well spent, sitting quiet before […]

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The Comfort We Provide Our Men

i Jul 10th No Comments by

            I’ve been out of Sweet Wife class over a week now and I haven’t been reading or practicing so I was back to my old self this evening which in turn, caused Neil to become surly. So I was flouncing around and getting ready to go to church—yes church—-the provoker of surliness was […]

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An Evening of Delight For our Little Ones!

i Jul 8th No Comments by

(This is the shelter before is was destroyed by cyclones and flooding. Now the children are sleeping sitting up in a storage room because of the conditions. ) Our hearts have been to bless our little ones in India. The plans are forming. Another woman and I will go and take the children out of […]

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The Ripple Effect of Forgiveness

i Jul 6th No Comments by

                                        God gave me a dream demonstrating the ripple effect of forgiveness. In the dream I was in a crowded diner and a woman in the booth in front of me was smoking a cigarette. I got up to use the restroom and I left my things on the table as an obvious sign that I would return. […]

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How To Save a Marriage

i Jul 3rd No Comments by

According to statistics 90% of Americans marry but 50 % of those marriages end in divorce. Hundreds of thousands of couples get into some kinds of counseling to help their marriages. What have you done to save your marriage? Neil and I continually want to improve our marriage and have gone several routes. Here they are and the […]

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