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A Teacher, Alive in the Classroom

i Jan 25th 1 Comment by

I managed to graduate from Indiana University in 3 ½ years by doubling up on some hours so, I left in January to go back to Michigan City to live with my parents. I immediately was hired as a French teacher in the Michigan City Area Schools. For some reason I thought my parents would […]

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“Can’t You Do a Little Bit More?”

i Jan 16th No Comments by

It was spring of 1996 and I was preparing to go to China. The plan was to meet in California where  the USA head of China Missions dInternational would lead the trip, first to Hong Kong and on to a mountainous area of South East China. We would deliver Bibles and study materials for pastors who lived high in the […]

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i Jan 15th 1 Comment by

One of the most brilliant idea Women with a Vision had which has had lovely results are PRAISE PACKS. Here is how it works. Gather *quart sized locking plastic bags *little mittens, hats, scarves, socks *breakfast bars, peanut butter, invididual applesauce, juice boxes, canned fruits *tiny cards, small games, little dolls *mini sized inspirational literature […]

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Am I as bad as people who use Shabbos Goys?

i Jan 15th No Comments by

When I lived in Columbus, Ohio and when I lived in Jerusalem I knew some ultra Orthodox Jews who did not do anything like ‘work’ on the Sabbath. No turning on light bulbs or turning on or off the stove. No work. But sometimes there was something that needed to be done, and in those […]

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Will This be the Day You Set My Heart on Fire?

i Jan 14th No Comments by

Lord, I never know when you’re going to set my heart on fire. Every day I sit with You, Bible open, notebook open, pen in hand, worship music in the background. I may be reading Psalms or Ezekiel, or Romans. I never know. I’m sitting there, eyes locked onto marks that transfer into words that […]

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Cell phone Case Saved the Day (and the phone)

i Jan 13th No Comments by

I love giving credit where credit is due. Yesterday I dropped my i-phone in a parking lot and didn’t miss it until 20 minutes later. I frantically went back to the place I dropped it, couldn’t find it, and asked someone to call it in case it was in a crevice in my car somewhere. […]

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Your Prayers Are Like……….

i Jan 12th No Comments by

“Your prayers are like incense to me.  I have kept them ever before me. Your prayers are as anointing oils. I have used them to anoint the feet of weary saints. I have used them as dreams, depositing them into the hearts of those who have lost hope. You truly are Hope Bringers, Hope Keepers, […]

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Tidbits from the prayer meeting last night

i Jan 11th No Comments by

1 . Wonderful prayer time last night. We used anointing oil from River of Life/Elkhart, Indiana.  The Word of God and the love of Jesus poured through the room. Kathy gave an anointed exhortation that was caught on tape. 2. We received $36.00 in our offering last evening. We support two orphanages: one in Kenya […]

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A Slice of Life on the Kibbutz

i Jan 4th No Comments by

So the routine began. Up when it was still dark, brushing our teeth, washing our faces or showering under the stars and making our way to the factory or fields often by tender if it were a long distance. I didn’t last long at the plastics factory. Maybe because I was too bored and didn’t […]

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