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God Doesn’t Have to Tell us Why

i Oct 31st No Comments by

In 1996 the Lord said, “Go to Denmark.” I didn’t argue but I wondered, ‘Why Denmark?’ I immediately started to write letters to various organizations in Denmark to introduce myself and my desire to visit their nation. One after another sent negative responses. My favorite was one that sent its regrets with the interesting closing, […]

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Back into the Work Force

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When I found out we were expecting Amy I turned in my resignation as a teacher and did not plan to return to the work force. After Nathan turned 5 however, our finances forced Neil to put  pressure for me to find a job. Oh! Anguish! I cried, sobbed, prayed. How could I leave my […]

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Father’s Crochet Hook

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God’s Crochet Hook God works with me in world ministry as if He is holding a crochet hook, snagging me first, then finding that one person in each nation that He has planned for me to meet. “ How do you KNOW those people?” I’m asked time and again when people hear that I have […]

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