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The Redemptive Cleansing of Repentance

i Jan 26th No Comments by

The Redemptive Cleansing of Repentance A Psalm 51 Bible Study Written by Cheryl Samelson Skid Psalm 51:3-5 3 For I acknowledge my transgression and my sin is ever before me. 4 Against Thee, Thee only, have I sinned, and done this evil in Thy sight: that thou mightest be justified when thou speaketh and be […]

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First Experience Texting!

i Jan 25th No Comments by

I don’t even know how I learned it. The first week I tried it I was so clumsy that nothing looked the way it should. So how is it now that I can take notes so fast that it was as if I am transcribing word for word? It is small! Tapping the right one […]

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Teresa is coming!

i Jan 12th No Comments by

I am expecting my first long-term overnight guest. Teresa Thiongo will be staying with us two weeks during her visit to the US from Kenya. I have been so blessed by the hospitality of others through the years. My first experience being hosted by people I didn’t know was when my son, Nathan, and I […]

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The Power of Music

i Jan 10th No Comments by

Curious, how children coming from the same womb and raised in the same home can be so different. Mine each walked and talked at different ages.  They each had a favorite thing to carry, favorite book favorite past time.. One thing, however, was the same with all my children. I seemed to lost my authority […]

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Passing the Test

i Jan 9th 1 Comment by

I am passing the test. As I started this Facebook Fast I was GRIPPED that I need to eliminate from my heart, personality, character, words, countenance, body posture three things: Complaining, Correcting , and Criticizing. As I started the fast and began eliminating the three C’s I realized how much time, energy, stress they cost […]

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Dealing with Disappointment

i Jan 9th No Comments by

Well, here is the story. I have enough teaching money so that Neil and I could have a room in Florida and pay for plane tickets, but Neil said it is way too much money and I agree. I have done LOTS of traveling all over the world that has been very expensive, but the […]

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Sanctity of Life

i Jan 8th No Comments by

Got my answer this morning: Go! It is one of those defining moments; I can’t let money be the determiner of what I do or don’t do. I am not being foolish. I’m not borrowing money. I have a job substitute teaching which is money I use for such things. I also have my book […]

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Help Me Think! (That is Avalanche in the Photo)

i Jan 8th 1 Comment by

Help me think!  Neil and I are planning to go to a conference in Destin, Florida. Sounds like a lovely place and I’m sure it would be a great week-end but it is a lot of money to go for four days and not help anyone! When I travel around the world I go with […]

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China Connection

i Jan 3rd No Comments by

I’m thinking about one of my travels to China and how people come into our lives for five minutes but  remain forever in our memories. The person in the photo with me is not among those of whom I write, because the people of whom I write would be endangered if their names or photos […]

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Fasting Facebook—–again!

i Jan 2nd No Comments by

Fasting Facebook again. That means tearing myself away from your exciting lives, cute kids, and great vacations and honing in on…… So where are we? I’m going to concentrate on eliminating three C’s from ME. CRITICISM, COMPLAINING AND CORRECTING. Amazing how much time and energy those three little C’s take up in a day. How […]

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